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HostGator WordPress Hosting

Enjoy faster load times for your WordPress web hosting due to super charged cloud architecture.

Unlike shared hosting, managed HostGator WordPress Hosting server environment was designed specifically with WordPress in mind. This means you can enjoy faster page times (up to 1 second faster), a higher level of protection against WordPress-specific attacks, and automatic WordPress updates. A safer, faster site makes everyone happy! If you plan to grow your blog or business for more traffic (and who isn’t?), then the benefits of WordPress hosting are well worth it. Even if you’re starting with something basic today, opting for a managed WordPress hosting environment now gives you a reliable foundation to expand on in the future when you’re ready.

Webhosting Info

Founded: 2002
Headquarters: Houston, Texas, United States
Website: HostGator.com
Locations: Houston, TX and Provo, UT (USA)
Basic Price: $5.95/mo

HostGator WordPress Hosting

HostGator WordPress  Hosting

HostGator WordPress Hosting Plans:

HostGator WordPress Hosting Core Features:

  • Enjoy up to 2.5X faster load times for your WordPress web hosting due to super charged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers.
  • A WordPress Cloud Interface focused on usability, minimizing the complexities of more traditional web hosting or those of other cloud web hosts.
  • Your website content is managed more efficiently, enabling dynamic content requests to be processed lightning-fast with our exclusive cloud hosting services.
  • Auto-backup with one-click restores; configurable for full or snapshot backups.
  • WordPress Cloud hosting turbocharges your website for a faster load time!
  • One-click scalability to handle traffic spikes and increased capacity requirements.
  • Easy To Use Control Panel!
  • Easy access to all your email accounts and other hosting options.
  • Clean & Easy To Use Control Panel.
  • FREE migration service will transfer your existing WordPress website to HostGator.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Summary

8.7 Total Score
Very Good

HostGator WordPress Hosting platform delivers optimal features like templates and plugins, and a great value compared to other WordPress hosting plans. Easy access to individual file and database restores and email accounts through a single portal. It's that easy to use with our WordPress cloud hosting. Load pages at blazing speed worldwide without having to configure your caching and CDN. We've got you covered. Get real-time answers from HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting experts who are always available by phone 24/7/365. Come see why HostGator is one of the best cloud hosting providers for WordPress. Monitor and allocate additional resources easily with our easy web hosting platform. You have total control over your usage, with no surprises. Consultation services are included with some plans to ensure you have everything needed to get started on the right foot.

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