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SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Host Оn Тhe Cloud To Keep Growing.

If your site has outgrown the shared hosting solutions it’s time to move to the cloud. SiteGround’s cloud platform offers powerful dedicated resources and is optimized for efficiency and speed that guarantees a top performance of your site. Their experienced devops configure and manage your cloud account. It is known that a growing business needs more maintenance on all levels. By taking care of the IT aspect, SiteGround allow you to focus on other more important business issues. SiteGround cloud platform is ready for your growth. You can add CPU and RAM at any time with a click. You can also use unique auto-scale option, which automatically adds more resources in time of unexpected traffic spikes, preventing traffic loss and downtime.

Webhosting Info

Founded: 2004
Headquarters: Sofia, Bulgaria
Website: SiteGround.com
Locations: United States, Netherlands, UK, Singapore
Basic Price: $80/mo

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Core Features:

  • SSH & SFTP. You get direct SSH access to your cloud account and can also take advantage of SFTP for secure file transfer and management.
  • Free SSL. SiteGround automatically issue free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for every domain detected as hosted on your cloud plan.
  • Dedicated IP. The cloud account provides you with the independence and peace of mind of having your own Dedicated IP.
  • Daily Backups. SiteGround back up your account daily and keep 7 offsite copies! They also give you an option to create instant backups in a click when needed.
  • Free CDN. SiteGround offers a free Cloudflare CDN service to make your site faster when you have visitors from different geographical locations.
  • Private DNS. You can customize the NS name of your Cloud server by activating the free DNS service that is included in each cloud account.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting Summary

8.7 Total Score
Very Good

Each SiteGround's cloud account is created on a private lightweight Linux container. The underlying server infrastructure uses SSD disks. Our setup provides unmatched resource efficiency and site speed. When you use our Cloud hosting plans you receive RAM and CPU resources that are dedicated to your account and are not shared with other users on the same hosting environment. Your cloud account health is constantly monitored by unique automated systems. SiteGround also guard it from hack attacks, SPAM and malicious bot resource usage. Proactive software updates and patches are applied by our best security experts whenever this is needed. Your cloud account comes with super powerful hosting stack. It includes CentOS, Apache/Nginx, managed PHP versions, MySQL and Postgre support. The Stack is heavily customized and optimized for best performance and our devops maintain and update it for you. You can manually upgrade the RAM, CPU and/or space of your Cloud plan at any time. The extra resources are immediately added without reboot or other downtime associated with this process. You can also set up automatic scaling for the RAM and the CPU of your cloud. Unique auto-scale option prevents slowness and downtime in the event of unexpected traffic spikes. If turned on, it will add more resources if your current ones are no longer enough. The added amount is pre-defined by you, so you have full control over auto-scale related charges. SiteGround cloud users can create an unlimited number of hosting accounts on their Cloud plan through our powerful Customer area interface. Each of these accounts has a separate control panel. Your sub-accounts can be safely accessed and managed by your customers independently from your master cloud account.

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