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FastComet Dedicated Servers

Unleash the power of AMD EPYC CPU servers!

FastComet Dedicated Servers are optimized for workloads where consistent performance is required. Powered by the industry-leading processor AMD EPYC 7501 and abundance of ECC RAM you can rest assured that your server is ready to handle any resource-intensive operations and give the best performance possible for your website and visitors. If your website or web project has a constant flow of traffic with intensive CPU and Memory operations, the Dedicated CPU servers are the right choice for you. You should also consider the Dedicated CPU servers for build boxes, CI/CD, video encoding, machine learning, game servers, databases, data mining, and busy application servers.

Webhosting Info

Founded: 2013
Headquarters: San Francisco, CA, United States
Website: FastComet.com
Locations: USA, Germany, Nederlands, UK, Singapore, Canada, Japan
Basic Price: $169/mo

FastComet Dedicated Servers

FastComet Dedicated Servers

FastComet Dedicated Servers Core Features:

  • Fully Managed. Let FastComet manage your server so you can focus on your business and website.
  • Completely Scalable. Start small and work your way up. You can resize your server up or down at any time on demand.
  • Rapid Provisioning. Get your server deployed in minutes, not hours! Fully setup and ready to boost your website performance.
  • 24/7/365 Support. Others just maintain your server, FastComet offer 24/7 support for both your infrastructure and apps.
  • Powered by cPanel. The most popular and powerful web hosting control panel for easy point-and-click management of your hosting account.
  • Backup & Snapshots. Automated daily and weekly backups and free full data snapshots upon request.
  • SSD-Only Cloud. Up to 300% faster access to your files and databases compared to non-SSD hosting providers!
  • 100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee. FastComet is so confident you will love their service that offer 7 days money-back guarantee.

FastComet Dedicated Servers Summary

9.1 Total Score

Unleash the power of AMD EPYC! When your website or project needs consistent performance or full-duty work, the new Dedicated CPU Servers are here to answer the call! With the FastComet Fully Managed Dedicated Server service you will receive fully setup and optimized server with a powerful web-based control panel. The Dedicated CPU Servers, have fully dedicated CPU cores and memory that are 100% available and isolated from any other servers. Despite being a bit more expensive, this exclusive access to the hardware infrastructure makes the Dedicated CPU Servers suitable for very resource-intensive and high-traffic websites and applications. Additionally, 24/7 Technical Support will take care of your server security, optimization and help you with any technical issues you may face completely free of charge.

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