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Hostwinds Dedicated Servers

Fully Managed, Dedicated Resources, Full Control.

Hostwinds dedicated server is a server that is all yours, meaning all of its physical resources are available only to you. A dedicated server gives you the full resources of the machine’s available storage, computing power, RAM, and network connection. This is unlike a VPS, which uses portions of the resources to run virtualization software and is housed on a VPS node shared with other virtual servers. Nearly all of Hostwinds dedicated servers, except a select few, have full IPMI access to VNC KVM controls, power controls, and ISO mounting available, which gives you full control to manage your server whenever you want from your Client Area. Hostwinds has redundant communications pathways and multiple carriers in each location so that they can continue to offer the best hosting services in the industry. Hostwinds guarantee unparalleled network performance so that your server is always available and online for you.

Webhosting Info

Founded: 2010
Headquarters: Seattle, WA, USA
Website: Hostwinds.com
Data Centers: USA
Basic Price: $79.50/mo

Hostwinds Dedicated Servers

Hostwinds Dedicated Servers

Hostwinds Dedicated Servers Core Features:

  • Nightly Backups. Protect your server’s data with Hostwinds’ Nightly Backups add-on service. Backups are taken of your server automatically each night and retained as long as you like. You have full access to your backups at all times.
  • Server Monitoring. Put your mind at ease with Hostwinds’ Server Monitoring add-on. Hostwinds will monitor your service 24/7 and, should an issue occur, automatically open a support ticket for you so the team of experts can resolve it ASAP.
  • Full Management. Host with confidence. If you need assistance or need to resolve an issue, team of support experts is here for you. Take advantage of enterprise support offerings, no matter how big or small the request.

Hostwinds Dedicated Servers Summary

9.2 Total Score

With Hostwinds Dedicated Server, your resources are 100% yours. You will never be impacted by nearby clients, and you will always experience the same level of usability at all times. Dedicated Servers have several uses: machine learning, website/application hosting, storage and backups, clustering of servers, game hosting, business applications, infrastructure virtualization, big data, and much, much more. Hostwinds offers a wide variety of dedicated server solutions to choose from, and we allow you to customize every aspect of the server to meet your specific requirements.

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